Science-Athon - St Agathas Pennant Hills




ST AGATHA’S $14 804 raised at our Science-athon.

What a fantastic achievement. A huge thank you to all the parents and relatives and friends who supported this fundraiser. We are now making our wish list of Science and Technology resources to be purchased.

Congratulations to the children from each grade who raised the most money and to Hugo R in KG for winning the major raffle prize of a Fitbit.

KG raised a massive $2800 and enjoyed their pizza party today.

Our goal as a school, was to raise at least $10 000 and if we could do that, then Mr Bauer would be part of a fun experiment. Mrs Wickham created a catapult with one end filled with water balloons. The aim was to launch the catapult with Mr Bauer as the target! Many children lined up to have a go, but it was definitely Mr Bauer’s lucky day as he escaped unharmed and dry! Thanks Mr Bauer for being such a good sport – the children certainly enjoyed trying.

Science-Athon Day by  1 Green

On the 13th of August St. Agatha’s school community participated in a Science Athon. It took place at St. Agatha’s Primary School. Our aim was to have a fantastic day and also to raise money.

In the morning we visited four stations – Static Power, Fizz Inflator, Colour Surprise and Magic Bag. My favourite station was Fizz Inflator. We had to tip the baking soda from the balloon that was attached to the bottle into the vinegar. When the two ingredients came together they exploded and blew up the balloon.

After Recess we had three more stations. They were Volcano Eruption, Oobleck and Incredible Gliders. My favourite experiment was Incredible Gliders. In this experiment we had to listen to Steve who taught us how to make a super aeroplane. I listened to the instructions and I got it right! It was so much fun playing with our aeroplanes.

After lunch the teachers versed the parents in a Science competition. In round one the teachers and parents had to make a tower with cups. Mr Bauer balanced loads of books on the tower. Somehow no cups fell over and it was a tie! The parents and teachers then had to take the cups off the tower without the tower falling. The parents won this round. At the end of the day I felt epic because the parents won and I loved making paper aeroplanes!

Daniel Khamis 1G