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Faith and Mission | St Agatha’s Catholic School



Our mission as pare of St Agatha’s Parish is to educate young people in the Catholic faith, offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community.

Our mission is:

  • Enhancing faith development by providing a welcoming Catholic community as an integral part of St Agatha’s Parish
  • Being a school of excellence in teaching and learning
  • Valuing each person as an individual, believing each person has a different potential for spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical development
  • Providing a safe and caring environment in which the learning takes place.

Catholic life

St Agatha’s Primary School enjoys a strong connection with the Good Samaritan community.  We share the Good Samaritan motto:

The life of Jesus Christ is our focus, and we support our students to explore and actively live out their faith through:

  • Class prayer and daily Religious Education
  • Parish and Family Mass
  • Class Mass and Liturgies
  • Holy Week Liturgies
  • Sacramental celebrations
  • Holy Days of Obligation
  • Feast Days
  • Social Justice Opportunities
  • Year Six Graduation Mass

We teach our children the traditions and rituals of our faith and integrate our Catholic values throughout our curriculum.


St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School began in 1928 under the hands of the Good Samaritan Sisters at the Parish School of St Joachim’s in Yarrara Road, Thornleigh.  Since 1954, St Agatha’s has been serving our parish community on the current site, with the first St Agatha’s school building servings as a combined church/school until 1983 when the Church was completed.


We believe we are all loved by God, and we try to love and be truthful.


We believe we can decide to make St Agatha’s a safe and happy place where we play fairly on the playground.


We believe we can improve the world by praying and supporting those in need.


Help us, Jesus, to always love like you.