Diocesan Parent Council - St Agathas Pennant Hills

Diocesan Parent Council

Supporting parents in their child’s learning and wellbeing. The DPC develops and encourages parent engagement by supporting the participation of Broken Bay Diocesan families in partnerships with their school and parish communities.

As the official parent body recognised by the Bishop and the Catholic Schools Office (CSO), the DPC supports the recognition of the church that parents are “the first and decisive educators” of their children. Working in collaboration with school leaders the DPC actively encourages parents to become engaged in their children’s education.

Representing all parents of children attending Catholic Schools in the Broken Bay Diocese, the DPC supports families by providing information and seminars to assist them to become involved and engaged in their child’s education. The DPC’s interactive website offers a range of resources including information on DPC seminars, links to useful websites and online parent education learning modules. The website keeps parents informed on educational issues, research, activities and events in the Broken Bay Diocese.

Through the provision of a diverse range of seminars held at our schools, parents are provided with up to date information on parenting issues such as anxiety, resilience, literacy, numeracy and children’s social and emotional development. Information about seminars can be found on the DPC website, in your school’s newsletter and on your school website.

Supporting your Child at Home Modules

The Broken Bay Parent Council offers a series of free Online Modules in the Partners in Learning initiative.

These online modules have been designed to  provide you, the parents, with short, clear and focussed information and activities that give insights into the current curriculum and to a mix of theory and practical ideas to assist you in supporting your child’s school life.

All modules in the series have been designed to be used in the way that best suits you – independently, or in a group situation, or a combination of both.  At your own pace and at a time that suits you and your family so there is no “right” or “wrong” way to approach the topics.

Modules currently available: