PDHPE - St Agathas Pennant Hills


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

‘Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is in keeping with the Catholic ideals of education for the whole person. Thoughts, sensations, emotions and physical activities all have an influence on each other and on the individual’s growth towards personal maturity. Catholic education aims to mould these elements into a harmonious unity, in the light of human understanding and faith.’

– Most Rev. P.L. Murphy DD, Past Chairman, Catholic Education Commission, NSW

This program:

  • Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others. It provides opportunities for students to explore and form positive attitudes about themselves and others, to communicate effectively, work cooperatively with others and develop and maintain positive relationships.
  • Promotes physical activity. It provides regular and frequent opportunities for students to acquire and apply movement skills, enhance their creativity and aesthetic awareness and develop positive attitudes toward regular physical activity in the pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Emphasises informed decision-making leading to effective and responsible actions. It provides opportunities for students to understand the process of decision-making, and practise the skills involved in the decision.