Religious Education - St Agathas Pennant Hills

Religious Education

The essential goal of Religious Education.

The very reason for our existence is to offer each child the opportunity to develop their faith and come to know Jesus and understand their Catholic heritage.

The essential goal of Religious Education in a Catholic School is to encourage and assist children in their growth to Christian maturity in the Catholic tradition. This education enables the children to:

Know and love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as revealed by Jesus.
Develop an awareness that God is our friend who loves us and walks with us every day of our lives.
Experience, within a secure school environment, the confidence to cope with life.
Grow as active and supportive members of our faith community within Parish life.
Know, share and respond to Jesus’ message of love.

The children are involved in organising and attending classes and school liturgies. Each class attends at least two parish masses (9.30 a.m.) a year. Parents are most welcome to join our celebrations. These will be advertised in the newsletter.

Sacraments and their preparation at St Agatha’s are family-based within the Parish. The school’s role is to support the Diocesan Sacramental Program.