It’s not too late to enrol - St Agathas Pennant Hills %

It’s not too late to enrol

As a student at a Priority Feeder school to St Leo’s Catholic College your child will receive automatic secondary enrolment there without any extra application fees nor enrolment forms.

Our students will participate in additional tailored transition activities to assist them with moving into secondary college and further opportunities for joint curriculum-based activities such as science, drama, music and dance through the St Leo’s Primary Partner Program.

Our class sizes for Kindergarten to Year 6 next year are nice small sizes that allow for quality teaching and learning to take place. Professor John Hattie states that’ certainly reducing class size has an increase on achievement’ and most teachers would agree with Eddie Woo, the teacher who was named Australian of the Year, who said “Don’t tell me that class size does not make a difference!” 

St Agatha’s have small class sizes across all year levels and looks to welcoming your child in a nurturing and welcoming community.

What can we offer you?

  • An educational experience built upon our Catholic faith and tradition
  • High quality learning and teaching experiences for all students
  • A specialist Gifted & Talented teacher and programs, PE and Music teacher and a magnificent library supported by a dedicated teacher-librarian
  • Macquarie University Initialit and Minilit literacy approach, Project Based Learning and access to STEM from 2021.
  • Extra-curricular opportunities including band, chess club, gardening club, dance classes, drama group, choir, ukulele and robotics
  • Access to an on-site speech pathologist
  • A dedicated before and after school and vacation care program
  • Well developed playgrounds and open spaces
  • A caring and nurturing family approach where ALL are made to feel welcome

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